Caveman Close, But Witmer Wins
October 17, 2021
It is a testament to the quality of players at yesterday's World Poker Tour final table that it was considered a stunning upset when the Day 5 chip leader, Glen Witmer, went ahead and won the event.

Canadian Glen Witmer entered the final day of the North American Poker Championship with the most chips of anyone, and yet hardly anyone would have guessed he could hold on to them in the face of such internationally known competition as Kathy Liebert, Marc Karam, and Gavin Smith. Yet Witmer proved them all wrong and ended the day with his first WPT title; a $25,000 buy-in to the WPT Championships; and a top prize worth $1,254,152 CAD ($1,090,589 American).

No one seemed more surprised by this result than runner-up Gavin Smith, who showed serious focus and determination throughout the entirety of the final table. Entering heads-up play with a three to one chip deficit, Smith had the poise of a champion and appeared to control the action despite his opponents massive stack.

By the last hand of heads-up play, Gavin had cut that deficit down considerably and appeared to be on his way to another WPT championship - yet sadly for Gavin it was not to be. In the final hand of play, "The Caveman" found himself in the one situation a professional poker player (and a small ball specialist) doesn't want to be in - a coinflip for all your chips against a weaker opponent.

Gavin found himself all-in pre-flop with pocket fives against Witmer's Ace-King Suited, and unfortunately for Gavin, he lost the flip. For second place, Gavin Smith took home $612,427 CAD.

The final table finish positions for the 2008 North American Poker Championship were as follows:

1st. Glen Witmer- $1,254,152
2nd. Gavin Smith- $612,427
3rd. Kathy Liebert- $319,337
4th. Ryan Fisler- $262,469
5th. Marc Karam- $196,851
6th. James Trenholm- $153,107
(all pay outs shown in Canadian)

Story by Mark Anderson
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