"The Real Chino Rheem"
October 19, 2021
PokerRoad's resident historian, investigative reporter, and now, the world's foremost expert on David "Chino" Rheem has had enough with the media picking on Chino.

Mike Q writes:

"A lot has been made in recent weeks since the November 9 were announced of David 'Chino' Rheem's apparent "shady" past run-ins with the law. The general poker media, opportunistic vultures that they are, have been quick to point out Chino's past infractions and an alleged outstanding warrant (for that mother of all crimes trespass, no less!). What they have singularly failed to mention, without exception, is that aside from this one minor blemish on his past, David Rheem is a man of the people. He has lived a selfless life devoted to humanitarian deeds. What do we hear of this side of Chino in the press? Nothing. That's where this thread comes in."

Mike has taken the time to research, and put together, a comprehensive account of Chino's past - including many before unseen photos.

Mike is releasing the chronicles of Chino in parts. The first entry can be found here.

In the latest installment (found here), Mike Q answers some of Chino's fanmail:

"As Chinomania continues to spread around the globe, the mailbags in the Pokerroad offices continue to swell as the hordes of Chino converts overwhelm us with a deluge of fanmail. While Chino unfortunately doesn't have time to respond to every letter personally, he has gracefully granted us permission to reproduce a couple of letters here and to respond to them on his behalf."

Follow along with PokerRoad's ongoing reseach, and maybe by the time the Novermber Nine takes the stage, you too will know ... The Real Chino Rheem.

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