Colorado Poker Player Being Sued For Welching
October 20, 2021
World Series of Poker bracelet winner Francois Safieddine is suing a man who attended one of his home games for allegedly only paying a small fraction of what he lost during the game.

Sean S. Ahn, according to an article by the Daily Camera (, reportedly lost $29,000 during the game and has thus far only paid $1,000 of the debt, despite numerous conversations with Safieddine. The home game, which was legal according to Colorado law, took place in March, and since that time Safieddine has been attempting to collect the money from Ahn.

All of Ahn's checks, which were given to Safieddine, bounced, which also potentially makes Ahn guilty of breaking Colorado's bad-check law. The nature of the bad-check law may allow Safieddine to collect three times what the checks were initially written for, which could put Ahn on the hook for a total of $87,000.

At the moment though, it appears Safieddine would be more than content just getting the original money he was owed.

Story by Mark Anderson
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