Shaniac Makes The Monthly Million Final Table
October 21, 2021
Full Tilt Poker's monthly $500 buy-in, $1,000,000 Guarantee tournament on Sunday fell just short of making their guarantee over the weekend, which meant the 1,943 players that decided to play in the event saw a little extra value as Full Tilt was forced to make up the difference.

The players that were able to take the fullest advantage of that overlay were those who made the final table, including quite a few well known players like Leandro "Brasa" Pimentel, Yevgeniy "bballer88" Timoshenko, and Big Poker Sunday's Shane Schleger.

The highly popular Schleger was able to turn his $535 entry fee into $59,000 by the end of the day, when he finally bowed out in a very respectable fourth place.

The final table finish positions for the Full Tilt Poker Monthly Million Guarantee were as follows:

1st. "Leandro Brasa"- $184,000
2nd. "I caioPimenta I"- $113,000
3rd. "Demaci"- $74,000
4th. Shane "HateItOrLoveIt" Schleger- $59,000
5th. Yevgeniy "bballer88" Timoshenko- $45,000
6th. "Pippi78"- $32,200
7th. "Spuch"- $23,500
8th. "DeuceBuster"- $18,500
9th. "ninivan"- $14,000

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Story by Mark Anderson
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