Rail Heaven Proves Its Name On Full Tilt
October 27, 2021
Full Tilt Poker's highest playing No-Limit Hold 'em cash game table, the $500/$1000 RailHeaven, aptly earned its name last weekend as top players like Gus Hansen, John Juanda, Phil Ivey, "Urindanger," and Tom "durrrr" Dwan battled together to create the biggest recorded online pots ever.

Throughout the course of a crazy poker night, "durrrr" not only won the largest pot ever when he pulled in $618,000*, but then lost the biggest pot later on to John Juanda, when his all-in Aces got cracked by Juanda's Kings for a total pot worth $678,000. Not to be outdone, Phil Ivey then broke Juanda's record, taking $687,000 from John right after he won it from Dwan.

That record amazingly would be broken once more by the end of the evening, when Dwan yet again found himself in a pot worth over half a million dollars. This time Dwan had the Kings against "Urindanger's" Aces and by the end of the early multi-way pot, Dwan saw a $724,000 pot shipped over to his adversary "Urindanger" - a new record that surely wont be broken... at least until this group gets together again.

*all totals rounded to the nearest thousand

Story by Mark Anderson
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