Antonius Unfairly Ousted
October 28, 2021
According to a recent report from PokerRoad's top international investigative reporter Mike Q, poker pro Patrik Antonius may have recently been the subject of a type of governmental interference so heinous it makes Gov. Beshear of Kentucky look like Ron Paul.

"Latest reports have revealed that the Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church [Patriarch Antonius] has been ousted from his office and officially placed under house arrest..."

Mike Q uncovered this story at considerable personal risk while investigating earlier governmental transgressions against Antonius, which had already been brought to light.

"Previously, the Patriarch Bune Antonius had been removed from effective control of the Patriarchate and was confined to ceremonial duties."

Thus far neither Antonius' representation (Poker Royalty) nor his sponsor (Full Tilt Poker) have made themselves available for comment on this story, but one must assume they are completely beside themselves over this travesty and complete overreaching of governmental authority.

To follow this important and ever evolving story, please visit Mike's original report by clicking here.

Story by Mark Anderson
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