iMEGA UIGEA Challenge Heads To Next Step
October 31, 2021
On Oct. 29th, the US Department of Justice officially filed their 24-page negative response to iMEGA's claim that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) should be "void for vagueness" (iMEGA v. Mukasey, et al). Now that their response has been filed with the US 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, iMEGA has 15 days to respond to the governments arguments.

Once iMEGA has responded to the DoJ's claim, it will be up to a three-judge panel to decide when official oral arguments on the case may begin.

Although initially the DoJ's decision may seem like a set back, it certainly doesn't appear that iMEGA sees it that way, instead apparently viewing it as another necessary step towards getting the UIGEA overturned. In a statement that can be found on the iMEGA website, iMEGA chairman Joe Brennan Jr. had this to say about their progress:

"We're very confident today, after reviewing the government's brief, that we are on track for having this law overturned. We're looking forward to the opportunity, once this fatally flawed law has been dealt with, to work toward a reasonable, common sense approach by our country to Internet gaming, one that above all affirms our rights and their place in the online world."

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Story by Mark Anderson
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