Op-Ed: Vote, It's Positive EV.
November 4, 2021
Today is election day in America and as we speak millions of poker players are (hopefully) heading out to vote.

The UIGEA, the economy, unemployment, anti-poker judges, and many other factors have been playing havoc with both the online and live poker scene over the last few years, and by voting, perhaps poker players can make some real, positive change.

There are many important issues in this season's election, and poker rarely comes into the conversation, yet there are still numerous resources out there available to the poker obsessed voter.

The Poker Players Alliance ( has many great resources, including an easy to use congressional ratings guide, which rates every member of Congress by how they generally vote on poker issues. The PPA currently has over one million members and is quickly becoming a real force in Washington.

There's also the forums (, which often have heated discussions on politics covering the entire political spectrum - from crazy tree hugging liberals to evil war loving conservatives. No matter what a person's personal political views are, there's always a new view to consider on the forums.

As of this writing, the polls all across America are still open, it's not to late to log off for a minute and walk on over.

Story by Mark Anderson
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