Commerce Signs Savage
November 5, 2021
The Commerce Casino's Los Angeles Poker Classic, is always one of the most popular, celebrity-filled tournaments of the year. How appropriate than that this year's LAPC will be run by the closest thing poker has to a tournament directing celebrity Mr. Matt Savage.

According to recent reports, Commerce signed Savage knowing full well that Savage's name is practically synonymous with integrity in the poker world. Savage has been a part of some of poker's top events including the WSOP, the APT, and the Aruba Poker Classic, so he should have no problem handling the challenges that go along with running this famous and highly prestigious event.

It wouldn't be completely accurate to say Savage "wrote the book" on running tournaments, but you could definitely make a case that he was one of the main co-authors. Along with his many years of tournament experience, Savage was also one of the original founders of the Tournament Directors Association, an organization dedicated to creating a standardized set of rules for poker tournaments everywhere.

Commerce Casino is the biggest card room in the world and hosts one of the most successful events on the World Poker Tour. Teaming up with Matt Savage, in retrospect, appears to be a complete no brainer.

Story by Mark Anderson
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