Ryan Fee Charges Ahead To Win LAPT San Jose
November 6, 2021
Philadelphia is on a roll. First the Phillies win the World Series, and now this - 20 year old Philadelphian Ryan Fee has taken down the Latin American Poker Tour Costa Rica championship. Philadelphia, not just sandwiches and the Fresh Prince, anymore.

The final table of the the Costa Rica championship was truly an international affair. Of the eight final table seats, five different nations were represented: Venezuela, Canada, Denmark, Costa Rica, and of course the USA. It was also a table dominated by young players, with Fee being just one of three players, still not old enough to drink in the US.

Fee entered the final table in San Jose as the significant chip leader with nearly 25% more chips than his closest competitor. This chip lead proved to be too much for the table, even with top players like Andrew Chen and Maria Stern attempting to stand in his way. After what turned out to be a very fast and predictable final table, Ryan Fee soon stood alone with a huge check representing $285,773.

The final table finish positions for the 2008 LAPT Costa Rica championship were as follows:

1st. Ryan Fee- $285,773
2nd. Joel Micka- $148,993
3rd. Brent Sheirbon- $109,913
4th. Jesus Bertoli- $80,603
5th. Andrew Chen- $61,063
6th. Jeff Patronack- $43,965
7th. Claus Rasmussen- $34,195
8th. Maria Stern- $24,425

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Story by Mark Anderson
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