Day 1a Of The World Poker Finals
November 6, 2021
The first day of play at the World Poker Tour Foxwoods World Poker Finals saw a small but highly skilled contingent of poker's elite sign up to play. 162 players decided to compete on Day 1a, including numerous top pros like Toto Leonidas, Erik Seidel, Jon Friedberg, Chad Brown, T.J. Cloutier, Kathy Liebert, Josh Arieh, Vanessa Rousso, Jimmy Tran; and numerous PokerRoaders including Eugene Todd "Bro," Adam Junglen, Kevin Saul and Joe Sebok.

Most of the PokerRoad family survived the difficult day, with the one major exception of CEO Joe Sebok, who had trouble getting things going despite his recent, impressive finish at the WPT Festa al Lago. The PokerRoader with the most success was blogger Kevin Saul, who ended the day with a big stack worth 135,350. Saul ended the day near the top of the leader board, still well behind chip leader Jason Potter (183,825) but above almost everyone else including most of the other big stacks like Jonathan Little (131,400), David Pham (109,200) and Will "The Thrill" Failla (124,800).

With the excitement of the 2008 Presidential Election finally beginning to settle, Day 1b is expected to draw quite a few more players than Day 1a and hopes are still high that this event can reach the very respectable 400 player mark. To follow all the WPT action, head to for updates, photos, chip counts and videos with PokerRoad's little sister Amanda Leatherman. And in case you missed it, definitely check out yesterday's hilarious PokerRoad Radio featuring Eugene Todd "Bro" and Will "The Thrill" Failla, to call it epic would be an understatement.

Story by Mark Anderson
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