PPA Issues Action Alert!
November 10, 2021
They're trying to do it to us again!!

According to a DOW JONES NEWSWIRE story, the outgoing administration is hastily pushing though numerous controversial regulations before leaving office, following a common practice known as a "midnight drop."

One of the regulations in question is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which the current administration seems determined to get implemented before the incoming President and Senate have a chance to look at it.

The Poker Players Alliance is attempting to combat this sneaky way of implementing a law, that was snuck into the books in the first place (The UIGEA was tacked onto a must pass security bill in the middle of the night), by asking all its members to make some important phone calls. The PPA wants everyone who cares about poker and/or internet freedom to call the US Federal Reserve and ask them not to hastily implement the UIGEA.

-Board of Governors (202) 974-7004

-Public Affairs (202) 452-2955

For information on what to say to these people please visit,, where you will also find forms to submit comments and links to send emails.

If we all work together, maybe this time we can prevent these kinds of back room political maneuvers from destroying our liberties and limiting our freedoms.

Story by Mark Anderson
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