Clonie Gowen Sues Full Tilt Poker (and others)
November 18, 2021
There was some confusion and much speculation this past WSOP when Clonie Gowen played a few events sans Full Tilt Poker patches. Rumors started that she had been dropped from the brand, but just as quick as they started, Clonie was back donning the FTP logo, and all seemed good in Tilt Land. ... Now it seems there may have been a bigger explanation.

Gowen recently filed a lawsuit - "Gowen vs Tiltware LLC, et al." In the lawsuit, Clonie claims that as an original member of Team Full Tilt, she has not been properly compensated for her involvement.

She names a number of companies in the lawsuit, including two that most poker media have realized they are not familiar with - Kolyma Corporation and A.V.V..

Clonie claims that FTP is worth $4 Billion, and that therefore, her original 1% would entitle her to $40 Million in damages.

Story by Justin Shronk

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