Kentuckians Can No Longer Have Their Cake and Play There Too
November 21, 2021
Popular internet poker site Cake Poker has apparently stopped accepting new players from Kentucky, thanks to a recent Kentucky court ruling which attempts to bend 141 separate poker and gambling affiliated websites to its will, by threatening to highjack their domain names if they don't comply with their wishes.

The ruling, which is currently being appealed, gave the internet sites two choices: either block access to all Kentuckians; or lose your domain name and make your site nearly inaccessible to all players around the world. It seems Cake Poker has chosen the lesser of two evils.

Cake Poker is not the only gambling site to cave to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's wishes. The Merge Network and the Microgaming Network have both also changed their policy towards Kentucky players. If the current appeals are unsuccessful, many other sites may be forced to follow suit including PokerStars, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt Poker.

Story by Mark Anderson
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