WPT Breaks Barriers While Opening New Markets
November 21, 2021
Without a doubt, the World Poker Tour has to get some of the credit for America's poker boom. They successfully introduced many of us to the likes of Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, John Juanda, Barry Greenstein, and Mike Sexton (not to mention Shana Hiatt) while somehow convincing us that such a high level of poker proficiency was attainable to nearly anyone willing to put in the time.

It was certainly a kind of magic, and it seems that the WPT is ready to try to produce it again - this time in the most highly populated country on earth, China.

World Poker Tour Enterprises and the China Leisure Sports Administrative Center (CLSAC) have recently begun airing the first season of the WPT China National Traktor Poker Tour - the first government sanctioned nationally televised poker competition in China. The nine historic Season 1 episodes are being broadcast in the Jiangsu province on Nanjing Entertainment Television, and are also being aired in numerous smaller provinces throughout much of China.

Not content to just rest on this remarkable success, WPT China has already begun working on Season 2. They've signed new sponsors and have even introduced an internet and mobile platform version of the game to increase exposure and give players a chance to qualify for a free seat to the Season 2 Grand Finals.

So does the WPT still have the magic to influence an entire nation? Well given this start, the odds look promising.

Story by Mark Anderson
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