PokerRoad Infiltrates Prime-Time
November 21, 2021
Must-see TV just got a fashion adjustment - PokerRoad style! NBC's new hot Thursday night show, Kath & Kim, recently featured copious amounts of PokerRoad Schwag (bumper stickers, T-shirts) on screen.

PokerRoad T-Shirt bottom left

Kath & Kim is NBC's new spin on an Australian hit comedy about a dysfunctional mother and daughter relationship. It stars SNL alum Molly Shannon and "Hellboy's" adorable Selma Blair. Propping up these two all-star leads is a top notch supporting cast that includes Mikey Day and John Michael Higgins, star of "Best In Show" and "A Mighty Wind." The show airs on Thursday night smack dab between "My Name is Earl" and "The Office," and is set to be NBC's newest comedy success story.

Despite all this, when watching the hilarious Kath & Kim, many still felt something was missing, but I'm happy to report that is no longer the case. Last night, remarkably, everything finally came together, thanks to the brilliant addition of PokerRoad products, which strangely appeared throughout much of last night's episode. PokerRoad stuff it seems, has the power to make awesome things even better.

PokerRoad Sticker on Clipboard

To spot the PokerRoad gear, head to or just become a regular viewer of Kath & Kim on NBC (Thursdays 8:30pm/7:30c), where hopefully PokerRoad will soon become a regular featured player.

Story by Mark Anderson
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