AP And UB Transition Finally Complete, No 'Cereus'ly
November 25, 2021
Ever since July, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet users have been awaiting a promised transition to the Cereus Poker Platform, where the two sites will reportedly join forces to instantly become the third largest online poker site.

The transition was apparently held up due to the much publicized lawsuit between Tokwiro Enterprises and former owners Excapsa, but with that lawsuit reaching a $15 million settlement last month, the launch of the Cereus platform was finally able to move forward.

According to a recent press release, the Cereus poker platform is the result of twelve months of development and should provide a more secure, responsive, and flexible online poker gaming experience.

Security is actually mentioned numerous times in the release, which seems to lend credence to the argument that this most recent move is just one more step Tokwiro is taking to try to move past the recent online cheating scandals involving these two sites.

Story by Mark Anderson
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