60 Minutes Online Poker Cheating Story Ready To Air
November 26, 2021
On Sunday, November 30th, mainstream America will finally learn of the online poker cheating scandals of the last few years, but perhaps not how we'd necessarily want them to.

Since before this year's World Series of Poker, many in the poker world have been bracing for an investigative report from 60 Minutes, which will apparently discuss the recent scandals involving Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. The story will be one of the first major televised news pieces to discuss online poker since before the UIGEA and thus far it is not known whether the story will help or hinder the industry.

Unfortunately, if the 2 minute teaser (which can be found at is any indication, most likely the story wont exactly be encouraging more players to sign up and play.

"We should tell you that this $18 billion dollar industry is illegal in the US, but the ban is almost impossible to enforce, since the internet sites and the computers that randomly deal the cards and keep track of the bets are located offshore, beyond the jurisdiction of US law enforcement. And unlike land based casinos, there is almost no official regulation, enforcement or supervision."
-CBS News Video

The full story, which will air on CBS at 7PM ET/PT, will feature many well-known online and live poker professionals, so perhaps with their influence some of the positive aspects of online poker can be revealed; regrettably, given the main point of the story is to cover one of the most egregious incidents in online poker's short and volatile history, it is safe to assume they may not be entirely successful in that endeavor.

Story by Mark Anderson
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