'twirlpro' Wins Sunday Million
December 1, 2021
Peter Turmezy (a.k.a. "twirlpro") cashed big over the weekend, taking down PokerStars' main tent pole event, the PokerStars Sunday Million.

PokerStars saw 8,001 players sign up to compete in their biggest weekly tournament, creating a total prize pool of $1,600,200 and allowing 1,170 players to cash.

It is not uncommon for a deal to be struck at some point during a PokerStars final table, especially with such a large amount of money on the line; however, in this instance players seemed generally uninterested in playing things safe. With no deal struck, "twirlpro," earned a huge first prize worth $196,024.50, making him the biggest online tournament winner of the entire busy holiday weekend.

The final table finish positions for the PokerStars Sunday Million were as follows:

1st. twirlpro- $196,024.50
2nd. fratzl- $132,176.52
3rd. NewsKoool- $89,611.20
4th. svansa- $72,809.10
5th. Terkel1- $56,807.10
6th. 1bobbyL- $40,805.10
7th. ankolo- $28,003.50
8th. PureProfitFo- $18,402.30
9th. omba- $11,201.40

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Story by Mark Anderson
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