PPA Responds To 60 Minutes Story
December 2, 2021
The Poker Players Alliance, the million-plus member lobbying group dedicated to establishing favorable laws and safe environments for poker enthusiasts, released an official response yesterday to recent reports on 60 Minutes and in the Washington Post concerning the online poker cheating stories.

In the response, which can be found at, Chairman D'Amato reiterated the PPA's long standing position that online poker needs to be regulated to both "protect consumers" and assure players have some recourse in case future, similar situations arise.

The PPA statement also makes the case that the current government's attempt at an outright prohibition of online poker is "deeply flawed and unworkable." It is a position, as shown on 60 Minutes, that creates opportunities for the "rare, unscrupulous bad apple operator" to take advantage of an unregulated marketplace.

The brief statement ends with D'Amato encouraging Congress to finally "step up and enact real public policy as it relates to Internet gaming."

Story by Mark Anderson
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