The Premier League, Duke Roars Back, Tony Hangs Tough
February 13, 2022
Day 3 of the Party Poker Premier League Tournament saw much excitement as twelve top players continued to fight for crucial points. Annie Duke, who had slipped to third yesterday by only earning one point, surged forward again by winning one of the day's two crucial heats. Duke ended her day in a solid third place with 15 points.

The tournament overall leader is still Tony G, despite winning only one point during all of day 3's action. He is now just one point ahead of Andrew Black who had a stellar day, amassing 9 more points to give him an impressive 18 points total.

The overall points leader board is as follows:

Tony G - 19 pts.
Andy Black - 18 pts.
Annie Duke - 15 pts.
Eddy Scharf - 13 pts.
Alex Kravchenko - 13 pts.
Roland de Wolfe - 11 pts.
Vicky Coren - 8 pts.
Marcel Luske - 6 pts.
Ian Frazer - 6 pts.
Phil Hellmuth - 5 pts.
Dave Ulliott - 4 pts.
Juha Helppi - 2 pts.
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