"Poker" Tops Lycos Year-End List
December 10, 2021
For the third year in a row, Lycos (the popular online search engine) has announced that 'Poker' was the number one searched for term on the internet. Poker topped a 50 term 2008 list that included such favorite searches as 'Facebook,' 'Pamela Anderson,' 'Golf,' 'YouTube,' 'Clay Aiken' and 'Sarah Palin.'

Coming in second to poker, with about 5% less hits, was 'Paris Hilton,' who easily surpassed 'Britney Spears,' despite Britney's chaotic and paparazzi filled year (Spears could only muster sixth place overall).

In the fascinating article, which can be found at, Lycos attributes poker's ongoing popularity with, "The continued success of the World Poker Tour and year-round televised celebrity poker tournaments..."

Poker also placed number one on Lycos' "Top Fads of 2008" list, beating out 'DIY Home Improvement,' 'Digital TV,' 'Runescape,' and 'Webkinz'.

Story by Mark Anderson
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