Market Expert Sees Rosy Future for US Online Poker
December 12, 2021

Jamie Dlugosch, the founder and editor of The Rational Investor and a contributor to, believes US anti-poker laws are bound to change.   

In his most recent blog, which can be found at, Dlugosch argues for investing in solid online gambling companies (specifically CryptoLogic) whose stocks should soar with the inevitable relaxing of governmental restrictions. 

Dlugosch believes the current laws are likely to change for numerous reasons but his primary argument seems to revolve around the incoming new administration; an administration that claims to be anti-lobbyist; and one that will need significant new revenue streams for an ailing US economy, suddenly in its charge. 

It is always interesting when those outside the poker world discuss poker.  The elimination of the UIGEA would likely bring players, money and respectability back to poker.  It would be a shot of adrenaline straight into the heart of the US poker economy, and to many of us working in the industry, the day that happens would feel similar to when the East German wall finally came crashing down (admittedly some of us may be losing perspective).   

To Dlugosch though it’s pretty basic; it’s all about finding good stock bets, and something seems amazingly hopeful with the matter of fact manner in which he casually argues that things for all of us may soon be getting much, much better. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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