PokerStars Shoots For World Record
December 16, 2021

PokerStars, already the largest online poker site, is looking to break a new Guinness World Record on December 28th, by hosting the largest field ever for an online poker tournament.   

The goal is to cap the event at 35,000 players, successfully eclipsing the current record (also held by PokerStars) by a healthy 15,000 entrants.  The PokerStars plan to accomplish this feat seems to be to offer a low buy-in tournament, at an ideal time, with a ridiculously impressive overlay. 

The buy-in for the tournament is only $10 + $1 yet it has a half million dollar guarantee prize pool (meaning even if they reach 35,000 players, PokerStars will still goose the prize pool by $150,000).  The tournament is already open for registration and if current interest persists, it seems very likely that it will sell out before the Dec. 28th deadline. 

This could be the best value for an online poker dollar ever offered.  Literally $11 could earn someone $30,000.   

To sign up for the tournament visit the PokerStars lobby, click on the “Tourney” tab and then the “Special” sub-tab.  The event is currently listed as “Guinness World Record Attempt” and as of this writing, it already has nearly 3,000 entrants. 

This is shaping up to be a truly historic event and one that every poker fan should try to be a part of, don’t miss the boat.   

Not yet a member of PokerStars?  Don’t worry, registration is free, easy, open to Americans, and just a few clicks away.  PokerRoad will happily guide you down the path.  Start by clicking here. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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