Back By Popular Demand, PokerRoad Blogfessionals
December 18, 2021

Without a doubt one of the most popular PokerRoad features during last year’s World Series Of Poker were the blogfessionals.  A feature (for those that don’t remember) created by arming numerous big name poker pros with their own video cameras and allowing THEM to decide what about their Series experience was worth sharing.   

The resulting madness from this experiment was at times hilarious (Eugene Todd Bro ranting), hypnotic (Jeff Madsen rapping,) and surprisingly hot (Kristy Gazes bathtub confessional).   

Ever since then, the forums have been asking us to bring the Blogfessionals back, a logistical nightmare that was considered by many to be nearly impossible.  Of course “nearly impossible” isn’t going to stop a site started by high stakes tournament poker players. 

That’s right my friends, the Blogfessionals are back!  Once again top pros are filming themselves and we’re basically helpless to stop them.  This round of Blogfessionals includes returning friends like Barry Greenstein and Jeff Madsen; and some new folks like Jon Friedberg, Vivek Rajkumar, and Bryan “Devo” Devonshire.  Check them out now, before they get us shut down.   

Just click here. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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