Rumor Central: Cereus Causes
December 22, 2021

According to reports on numerous online poker forums, reports which appear to have been confirmed on the UltimateBet Blog written by CEO Paul Leggett (, a high stakes hand between Phil Hellmuth and online player “DoubleBaller” ended a bit oddly, when Hellmuth was awarded the pot despite having the worst hand. 

Apparently early Saturday morning, Hellmuth was involved in a hand (#1162170993) on a $200/$400 Limit Hold ‘em table where he held 10-2 of spades against “DoubleBaller’s” K-Q offsuit.  Hellmuth won the hand despite the board running out Js,Kc,Kh,2h,9c (there were numerous bets and raises on multiple streets).  According to the forums, “DoubleBaller” was then disconnected from the table before he really had a chance to figure out what had happened.  Hellmuth in turn was awarded the $5,599 pot, despite having already mucked when he saw his opponent’s hand. 

In his brief blog titled “Hand #1162170993," which can be found on the UltimateBet site, Paul Leggett discusses the incident and confirms investigating what they are calling a “software malfunction.”   He goes on to state that this is the first incident of this kind that they have encountered on their new Cereus gaming platform.

Story by Mark Anderson

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