PokerStars Breaks It's Own Record
December 30, 2021

Internet poker reached a new pinnacle on Sunday, when a record setting 35,000 players all sat down for the same $11 buy-in NL Hold ‘em poker tournament.

The tournament (#126551369) had a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000 and a first prize of $30,000, which was eventually taken down by online player “stan34powa” after a little more than nine hours of intense online play.

This event shattered the previous World Record for largest online poker Tournament (by volume), which was also held by PokerStars, by 15,000 players and should be enough to get PokerStars into the new Guinness Book of World Records.  Around the time of the start of the event, PokerStars has reported that over 250,000 players were logged on to their site, thus unexpectedly breaking another informal record for them and seeming to offer proof that their currently running “World Record Week” promotion, has been a very successful gamble.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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