The Return Of The WPT
February 14, 2022
The sixth season of the World Poker Tour is about to make its debut on GSN-The Network For Games. The popular two hour show is scheduled to be broadcast on Monday nights directly after High Stakes Poker.

Despite the network change, the show itself will stay pretty much the same, with Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten still calling the action from final tables around the world. Once again there is a new hostess joining Mike and Vince, a common occurrence ever since the departure of fan favorite Shana Hiatt. This time around the job falls to the G4 channel's beautiful Layla Kayleigh.

In a new wrinkle to the show, there will now also be a WPT live update online hostess, Kimberly Lansing, who will bring viewers a glimpse of the week's previous tournament action in an attempt to show what's involved in making it to a WPT final table.

The first episode of the WPT season 6, Mirage Poker Showdown, is scheduled to premier on March 24th on GSN.

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