PokerStars Sunday Million Also Breaks Record
December 30, 2021

16,260 players signed up to play the PokerStars Sunday Million last weekend creating a total prize pool of $3,252,000.  This remarkable showing for a Sunday major probably would have been the big story of the day, if not for the 35,000 player record setting tournament, taking place just a few tournament lobbies away.

The Guinness World Record Attempt tournament was only an $11 buy-in, where as the Sunday Million buy-in was $215, meaning despite its inferior numbers (it’s all relative) the Sunday Million winner was still guaranteed a substantially larger first prize.  That prize turned out to be worth an astounding $331,378.80, all of which was earned by online player “Ip_SakiSaki” since no deals were struck during the final table.

The final table finish positions for the PokerStars Sunday Million (12/28/08) were as follows:

1st.  Ip_SakSaki- $331,378.80
2nd.  Beufford- $227,640
3rd.  MauryFishant- $162,600
4th.  k0rt- $130,080
5th.  manifest23- $97,560
6th.  salmor- $73,170
7th.  AAmerican- $50,406
8th.  la_Alvarado- $32,520
9th.  kharak- $22,764

With huge numbers of players and record setting prize pools, PokerStars certainly appears to be one of the best values this holiday season for poker players at all levels of the game.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it all, join PokerStars by clicking here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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