PokerRoad Reflects On '08, Preps For '09
December 31, 2021
It was an amazing year for In the company's first full calendar year, PokerRoad found itself embraced by the game's top professionals, as they lined up to help with new shows, features, and a forum that quickly became the buzz of the industry. In looking back, it wasn't Ivey, Negreanu, or even Greenstein that made PokerRoad the place to be in 2008 - it was folks like KFC Frank, The 6th Wilbury, nitzilla, The ShirtRoad Crew (DanielReilly, theboybarnes, TheMrAutomatic), and Airnick15; the readers, the listeners, the fans, the friends.

Before we toss '08 and start setting '09, PokerRoad wants to take a minute to thank everyone for their endless enthusiasm, suggestions, submissions and support. It was an awesome 2008, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Story by Mark Anderson
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