Isaac Baron Ends Year With A Bang
January 2, 2022
Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron was able to add one last positive score to his records on Wednesday, after taking down the final PokerStars Super Tuesday event of the year.

Baron beat out a tough field of nearly 360 players and a final table that included online legend Eric "sheets" Haber to win the event and pad his PokerStars account with another $69,810. "Sheets" took seventh, despite being the shortest stack in the tournament with 19 players to go.

The final table finish positions for the PokerStars Super Tuesday (12/30/08) were as follows:

1st. Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron- $69,810
2nd. TorontoToro- $52,805
3rd. PienFisu- $39,380
4th. bosgerben- $30,072
5th. PreshaDrop- $20,585
6th. ycall- $16,110
7th. Eric "sheets" Haber- $12,530
8th. ael1979- $8,950
9th. wsopdude26- $6,265

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Story by Mark Anderson
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