Matusow Wins His First Poker After Dark
January 5, 2022
After ten previous attempts, Mike Matusow finally took down his first Poker After Dark title during PAD's "Close but no cigar" episode, which aired last week on NBC.

Matusow confronted five other top players during the episode, all of whom have made it to the World Series of Poker Main Event final table, but haven't won it. Mike's competitors included Allen Cunningham, Lee Watkinson, David Williams, Dewey Tomko and Andy Black.

Black lasted longest against Matusow, at one point having him nearly felted, as he left Mike with only $5,900 in chips with the blinds at $800/1600. Matusow though, employing his new power of positive thinking, never gave up and ended up coming back to win the PAD title and $120,000 in cash.

Story by Mark Anderson
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