January 6, 2022
ESPN, the televised home of the World Series of Poker, announced recently they will be airing eight hours of play from 2008's World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, on American televisions starting February 1st.

These eight episodes will feature top pros from around the globe and should provide a deeper understanding of how players work their way to a final table, thanks to a new innovation ESPN has dubbed the Mobile Hole Card Camera.

This new Mobile Hole Card Camera apparently has the ability to show any players hole cards, whether they be at the feature table, or sandwiched somewhere in a corner of the casino. Presumably, this will mean it will no longer just be all-in hands at the outer tables that will make the televised final broadcast, which should make for even more compelling viewing, than that which we've already come to expect from the many good folks at ESPN.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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