Cops Bust Ohio Poker Game
January 6, 2022

According to a recent story in Ohio’s Sandusky Register (, a local bar in Castalia, Ohio, was raided Sunday by state agents, after a long-term investigation discovered the owners of the property were allegedly running illegal poker tournaments.

The agents, members of Ohio’s State Investigative Unit, issued over 30 citations as a result of the raid and confiscated more than $5,000 in cash, poker chips and gambling supplies, but as of this writing have made no arrests.

The bar, C & C’s Cold Creek Pub, is apparently one of only two bars in the village of Castalia, which is located in north central Ohio.

With a population of less than 2000 people and a current daytime temperature hovering around 25 degrees fahrenheit, one has to wonder: without Castalia’s local poker game, what exactly are these people suppose to do for fun?

Story by Mark Anderson

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