Battleship Poker Championship Down To "Elite Eight""
January 9, 2022

Battleship poker, initially started as a bit of a lark, has turned into a serious and highly anticipated yearly event, which at this year’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure also has a fairly substantial prize pool.  64 players paid $2,000 each to play in this year’s World Championship of Battleship Poker, creating a total prize pool of $128,000 and a first prize worth $44,800. 

For those not yet in the know, Battleship Poker tournaments are heads-up events which are played both online and live - that is the cards are dealt online but the players competing are sitting across from each other.  The beauty of this type of event is it combines the speed and action of internet poker, with the ability to pick up physical tells that you primarily only get when playing live.  It is also kind of cool, in that while players compete they look like they’re playing the old board game Battleship, which is of course where this style of event gets its name. 

Of the 64 original entrants into this year’s event many names stand out including Shawn Buchanan, Victor Ramdin, Christian Harder, Jon Turner, Blake Cahill, and Emmanuel Failla.  In the “Elite Eight” quite a few are known as well including Sorel Mizzi and PokerRoad’s own Justin Bonomo.  

The 2009 PCA World Championship of Battleship Poker “Elite Eight” are as follows: 

Sorel Mizzi vs. Ryan Gartitta

John Drake vs. Jared Bleznick

Yervand Boyadjian vs. Bahbak Obodi

Justin Bonomo vs. Richard Gryko 

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Story by Mark Anderson

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