Two Davids And A Dwan: PokerRoad Discloses Durrrr Challenge Details
January 14, 2022

In this week's most recent "Tuesdays With Ivey," Poppa PokerRoad Barry Greenstein gets to the bottom of the Tom "durrrr" Dwan internet poker challenge, a proposition bet that has set the poker world a buzzing.

In the current installment, Greenstein gives Phil Ivey the week off and instead discusses the challenge with the first man to actually nail Dwan down on his proposal - poker bigwig David Oppenheim. Throughout this fascinating phone call, new exclusive details on the challenge emerge, including who will be playing "durrrr" first, how he will be bankrolled, and which other parties are most likely to get involved in the action.

For all the inside details on a bet that everyone's talking about, check out this week's "Tuesdays With Ivey" featuring Barry Greenstein and David Oppenheim. Click here to listen now.

Story by Mark Anderson

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