Bodog Unveils A New Tournament Series
February 15, 2022
The Bodog Poker Open is a brand new series of six different hold'em tournaments leading up to a $500.00 buy-in Main Event. The Main Event is sure to have a lot of bang for the buck as Bodog has promised to add a bonus $25,000.00 to the tourney prize pool, along with an Omega Speed Master watch, for the lucky winner of the event.

All six scheduled events will have bonus money added, which should offer players of all different sized bankrolls ample opportunity to cash in.

The complete list of events for the Bodog Poker Open is as follows: March 3rd
#1 No-Limit $250+20, $10,000 added to prize pool

March 4th
#2 NL 6-Handed $300+25, $10,000 added to prize pool

March 5th
#3 Rebuy (NL) $100+10, $10,000 added to prize pool

March 6th
#4 Pot-Limit $200+15, $10,000 added to prize pool

March 7th
#5 Limit $150+10, $10,000 added to prize pool

March 8th -- various satellites --

March 9th
#6 NL Main Event $470+30, $25,000 added to prize pool

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