Canadian Poker Tour Hosts Cool Tourney
January 15, 2022
In a recent press release, the Canadian Poker Tour announced what they are calling their "Ultimate Freeze Out" No Limit Hold 'em Poker tournament - a $100 buy-in, outdoor tournament to be played this month in Brandon, Manitoba.

This unusual tournament is to take place January 25th, during a time of year that regularly sees temperatures around -25 Celsius. Organizers of the event are expecting 104 insane players to attend, including PokerRoad Radio's Gavin Smith, who will be playing the event with a bounty on his head (and possibly with icicles hanging from his nose).

Canadian Poker Tour President and CEO Kelly B. Kellner will also be competing as a bountied player in the event, which does count toward the Canadian Poker Tour Player of the year race.

A portion of the prize pool for the CPT' "Ultimate Freeze Out" will be donated to the United Commercial Travelers, a fraternal benefit society that pursues community service activities that include youth programs, public safety, cancer education and prevention, and aid to people with intellectual disabilities (presumably like those willing to sit outside and play poker for hours on end, in one of the coldest places on earth).

"You just can't beat the spirit of a Canadian poker player." -Kelly Kellner

Story by Mark Anderson
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