Pennsylvania Sets Precedent: Judge Rules Poker A Game Of Skill
January 22, 2022
In a small but important victory for poker players everywhere, Pennsylvania Judge Thomas A. James Jr., recently ruled in favor of throwing out a case against a defendant accused of running an illegal gambling operation.

The court found the defendant not guilty of breaking local gambling laws when he was discovered running a small Texas Hold 'em poker game out of his garage. According to the 15 page reasoned opinion by Judge James Jr. in Texas Hold 'em "skill predominates over chance," and "thus it is not 'unlawful gambling' under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code."

This important ruling from a real world standpoint only effects two small Pennsylvania counties; however, as a case study for future court cases around the country, the decision could prove invaluable in finally convincing governmental bodies of what most poker players already take as an absolute given.

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Story by Mark Anderson
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