Starting Tomorrow, PokerRoad's Got The Beat
January 28, 2022
Scott Huff, PokerRoad's resident genius when it comes to quality podcasting, is launching a brand new show tomorrow which aims to get to the bottom of all of poker's biggest stories by working with the guys that probably broke them in the first place.

The new show, which he's aptly named "The Poker Beat," will feature Mr. Huff along with many of poker's premier pundits, guys like former PokerNews Editor John Caldwell, Gary Wise of ESPN, BJ Nemeth from the World Poker Tour, Dan Michalski of, Matt Parvis from Bluff Magazine and maybe even Joe Stapleton, formerly of PokerWire Radio.

What exactly these giants of the poker media industry will be discussing is at this point unknown (hey, I haven't heard the show yet either), but one thing's for sure - if it's about poker, they'll know about it, be eager to discuss it, and probably have a pretty strong, compelling and entertaining opinion about it.

Catch The Poker Beat! Premiere episode this Thursday, January 28th, at 1:00 p.m. PST, right here at

Story by Mark Anderson
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