Open Team Poker Tournament Coming To Caesars
January 29, 2022
On March 27th, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will host a unique poker tournament for teams of players that should make for some truly exciting competition.

This $500 + $50 buy-in event (per player), brought to you by Dream Team Poker, will for the first time be open to the public, allowing groups of amateur players to band together and head to Vegas for the unusual opportunity to cooperatively compete for poker glory.

Unlike other team type tournaments, Dream Team Poker tournaments seem to work hard to allow team strategy while avoiding collusion. Players on each three-person team are carefully kept at different tables until play reaches the final 14-16 players and even then, teams are identified and watched closely to avoid signaling or talking during a hand.

Prizes for the tournament, which is expected to have a prize pool of at least $150,000, are split between the individual players and the team, which should encourage players to stick around even after their individual eliminations to root for their teammates.

"The tournament's innovative team concept will bring a new dimension to tournament play," said Jim Pedulla, Director of Poker for Caesars Palace. "This new format will create more camaraderie among the players making this an exciting event. Caesars Palace is proud to host this event in our World Series of Poker Tournament Room, which is also the site of the NBC 'Heads Up' championship and has been the location for a number of top celebrity and charitable tournaments."

For more information and details on the Dream Team Poker concept visit their website at

Story by Mark Anderson
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