D'Amato Calls For iPoker Regulation In Roll Call
February 2, 2022
Roll Call, a Washington D.C. publication that specializes in informing the Capitol Hill community, last week published a significant editorial piece by Poker Players Alliance Chairman Alfonse D'Amato - a piece which succinctly made the case for the regulation of internet poker.

The article, which primarily focused on solving some of the country's current economic woes, painted a clear picture of the internet poker community as a group not looking for a bailout, but on the contrary, eager to embrace regulation, taxation, and the security that goes with it.

D'Amato also attracted some attention to our new President's own "Obama's Citizen's Briefing Book," which had been located on the site, previous to Obama's inauguration. The Citizen's Briefing Book listed the regulation of internet poker as one of the top issues (frequently one of the top ten issues) that regular Americans believe in - just more proof that the regulation of internet poker is not as politically risky an idea as some may think. Actually, it may just be the answer to the real positive economic change that everyone's currently looking for.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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