Tunica Final Table Set, Sans One Gavin Smith
February 4, 2022

Day 2 of the World Series of Poker Circuit event in Tunica, Mississippi, amazingly took less than four hours to complete, giving the final nine players plenty of time to call their friends, eat, sleep, and dream of winning the tournament’s $183,974 top prize.   

The easy day for the dealers was primarily thanks to a rash of quick eliminations that included among others Kathy Liebert, “Captain” Tom Franklin, Shane Smith and Jordan Morgan.   

The final elimination of the day was PokerRoad Radio’s Gavin Smith, who apparently wanted to prove the old expression “you are the company you keep,” by busting just one seat short of the final table- as is the tradition of his good friend and PRR co-host Joe Sebok.   

The Caveman’s elimination came by way of a truly sick beat, particularly as it prevented him from making a WSOP-C final table.  After making an impressive call for his tournament life, Gavin got all his money in good pre-flop, with pocket eights against his opponent’s lowly pocket threes.  Unfortunately, when the flop brought his opponent, Kai Landry, one of the last two threes in the deck, Gavin found himself in a big hole he just couldn’t climb out of.   

With the dismissal of Gavin Smith, only nine players remained in the tournament and eight of them began readying themselves for tomorrow’s daunting task of catching up with chip leader and internet phenom Matt “Allinat420” Stout.  Stout had made the most of the previous four hours and ended the day with more than double the chips of his nearest opponent. 

The final nine players of the WSOP-C Tunica are as follows: 

Matt “Allinat420” Stout (1,000,500)

Jeremy Byrum (404,500)

Kai Landry (375,000)

Leonard Eidson (375,000)

Mike “GoLeafsGoEh” Leah (335,000)

Glynn Hyde (155,000)

Brian McCoy (150,200)

David Dao (150,000)

Frank Wyville (138,500) 

The final table of this exciting event is set to roll today (2/3/09) at 2:00 p.m. central standard time, with live updates, photos and chip counts once again available at PokerNews ( 

Story by Mark Anderson

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