Frank To Reintroduce Online Gambling Bill
February 4, 2022

Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, chairman of the House financial services committee and long time supporter of the rights of online gamblers, was recently interviewed for an article for the Financial Times ( regarding the current state of online gambling.   In the article, congressman Frank stated he will be resubmitting a version of his previous bill which will effectively counteract the effects of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act- sometime in the next few weeks. 

Frank makes the case during the informative piece, that things for  American gamblers are finally “moving in the right direction.” A welcome statement that he feels justified in making, not only due to the new Democratic controlled White House but also because of the grassroots movement of the online gamblers themselves, stating this situation “ impinging on their freedom and they are fighting back.” 

To read the full article find the artcle at or join the Poker Players Alliance ( for up to date info and plans of action, to help online poker players reclaim our freedoms. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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