First Non-Hold 'em FTOPS Event
February 8, 2022

Getting online players to show up for a big guarantee No Limit Hold ‘em poker tournament can sometimes seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but one could argue it’s the non-hold ‘em events that truly test whether a site is running a successful and popular series.  Well if this is a fair barometer to use, then by all accounts it appears the Eleventh Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) must thus far be judged a great success. 

The second event of the FTOPS XI was a $240 + $16 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha/8 or better Knockout tournament with a posted guarantee of $200,000.  This event, hosted by Rino Mathis, attracted 1,428 players, enough to surpass the prize pool guarantee by more than $80,000. 

The winner of the event was online player “ramagem” who earned a first prize of $61,404, along with a gold FTOPS jersey and an FTOPS champion avatar. 

The final table finish positions for Event #2 of FTOPS XI were as follows: 

1st.  ramagem- $61,404.00

2nd.  Chessmanrus- $38,841.60

3rd.  another_rack- $28,845.60

4th.  OUEmoKid- $22,848.00

5th.  gamefreak237- $17,136.00

6th.  ray918273- $12,280.80

7th.  FANTOMEX- $7,996.80

8th.  crazyhorse76- $5,712.00

9th.  lauraj111- $3,998.40 

For your chance to compete in the rest of this exciting eleventh incarnation of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series join Full Tilt Poker now.  To get started just click here. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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