FTOPS Main Event: Wahlroos's Plans Get "Reversed"
February 19, 2022
The Main Event of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series VII had more drama and excitement than anyone could have hoped for. The $500+35 buy-in event attracted 5,291 players and created a total prize pool of $2,645,500, more than a half million dollars above the event's posted guarantee. The huge payday attracted many of the biggest names in the online world, each vying for the $456,401 first prize.

Most of the Full Tilt sponsored pros played in the event and one not only made it to the final table, but made it all the way to heads-up play. Professional poker player Thomas Wahlroos had only one player standing between him and the nearly half million dollar first prize, but unfortunately that would be as close as he would get to it, as he was unable to overcome the 2:1 chip deficit he shouldered when heads-up play began. Wahlroos was defeated by online player "Reverse" who took the cash, the golden jersey, and the pride of being an FTOPS Main Event champion.

The Final Table pay outs for the Main Event were as follows:

1. Reverse -- $456,401.66
2. Thomas Wahlroos -- $276,454.75
3. mosespoker -- $177,777.60
4. aconsuma -- $138,888.75
5. NICOFAB -- $104,497.25
6. fishforfight -- $78,042.25
7. Brundaddy -- $60,846.50
8. losebigflops -- $46,296.25
9. DeuceBuster -- $34,391.50

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