Carbon Poker Hands Out World Record Bad Beat Jackpot
February 16, 2022

On Friday the 13th, Online player "Ruggio" earned $417,396 at the $0.50/$1 cash tables on Carbon Poker, by earning the lions share of a record $1.2 million total bad beat jackpot. 

"Ruggio" received the windfall when his Jack-high straight flush of hearts, was beaten by online player "AELANI," who held the King-Queen of hearts for the slightly better end.   

"AELANI" earned $208,698 for winning the hand, and the five other players at the table each earned $41,739 just for witnessing the action. 

"My first reaction when I saw that I hit a piece of the Jackpot was 'oh my God', I am paying for college completely on my own through student loans so first and foremost I thought about how I would be able to pay off all my student loans and start my life in the real world debt-free." -AELANI

The Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot was reseeded immediately and began again at $240,000.  For a chance to win a share of this ever escalating prize just join Carbon Poker - now a proud member of the Merge Gaming Poker network.  To join Carbon Poker please click here. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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