GPSTS Announces It's Spring Calendar
February 19, 2022
Charles Nesson's Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society has announced their tentative plans for the upcoming spring semester. The events planned thus far span across the continent and across a wide variety of poker related topics.

The exciting schedule is quite ambitious and is not yet complete, but here is what's been mentioned so far:

2/20/08 - Harvard Law School to host journalist Vin Narayanan to discuss the Massachusetts Casino Gaming Bill

2/21/08 - Wharton College and University of Pennsylvania to host David Apostolico to discuss the business implications of his text, "Poker Strategies for a Winning Edge in Business"

2/27/08 - George Washington University to host PPA Executive Director John Pappas

3/6/08* - University of California, Los Angeles to host noted professional poker player Andy Bloch

3/13/08 - NYU Stern Business School to host Taylor Caby, founder of, professional poker player and entrepreneur

3/19/08 - Professor Charles Nesson and GPSTS Executive Director Andrew Woods to speak at the Internet Gambling and the Law symposium at the University of Richmond

4/9/08 - University of Southern California to host professional poker player Annie Duke

4/17/08 - Stanford University to host Howard Lederer

4/25, 4/26, 4/27/08* - GPSTS to host National Collegiate Poker Tournament in Boston, MA

5/2/08* - Georgetown to host Dr. Alan Schoonmaker

5/12/08 - GPSTS to host legal summit at Harvard Law School

*Dates subject to change depending on availability of speakers or venues

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