The Durrrr Challenge Begins
February 19, 2022, is reporting that the now infamous Tom "durrrr" Dwan online poker challenge has begun and is already about 3% completed; a challenge which could potentially win someone an additional $1 million dollars if only they are able to end up ahead of Dwan after 50,000 high limit hands (to be played on four tables simultaneously).

The first challenger to accept Dwan's wager turned out to be Full Tilt pro Patrik Antonius, who gets the dubious honor of being the first to test his online bankroll and intestinal fortitude against "durrrr," before other willing players like David Benyamine and PokerRoad's Phil Ivey are forced to fully commit.

Now that it's begun, the "durrrr challenge" can be watched sporadically on the Full Tilt Poker high limit Omaha and/or Hold 'em tables by anyone with access to a Full Tilt Poker player account, and will also be written about incessantly by nearly every poker news site out there (including ours) for possibly the next six months.

To watch this poker history in the making, sign up with Full Tilt Poker now for free, just by clicking here.

Story by Mark Anderson


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