Vivek FLOGs LAPC Heads-Up Competition
February 23, 2022

Vivek Rajkumar, PokerRoad's favorite little online guy, earned $350,000 earlier this weekend for taking down the L.A. Poker Classic $10,000 buy-in Heads-up Championship at the Commerce Casino.

In this double-elimination format tournament, Rajkumar did not take the easy road to victory.  Having lost his first match, Vivek was forced to power through the entire losers bracket just to get another shot at first place.  Along the way, "The FLOG" ran into many tough players including Ryan Hughes, Evan Roberts and PokerRoad blogger Amit Makhija.

Despite the loss to Rajkumar, all three of those players made the money, as did Scott Seiver, Peter Feldman, Steve Billirakis, John Racener, Steve Sung and numerous others.

The top four finishers who earned the majority of the prize pool were David Oppenheim ($75,000), James "" Mackey ($100,000), Chris Moore ($190,000) and of course Rajkumar himself ($350,000).

Story by Mark Anderson

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